The impact that counts

Up to 70% lower carbon footprint than regular caprolactam

As a leading global manufacturer of caprolactam, we produce the key building block for high end grades polyamide 6 (nylon 6).
High-quality innovation and environmental impact are the key drivers for the EcoLactam® breakthrough technology.
For manufacturers that require quality and consistency. For brands that want trust and transparency.

We continue to rewrite the standard for nylon, driving the global initiative for carbon footprint reduction.

Enabling brands to prove their sustainability claim by beginning their journey with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

Given the relatively high share caprolactam has in the total cradle-to-garment footprint, EcoLactam® is the solution needed to significantly reduce the footprint of nylon-based products.


Contributors to the initiative to manufacture low footprint nylon solutions with a high environmental impact.

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Contact us directly if you have any enquires or want to learn more about the value of using EcoLactam® in the development of nylon fibres and fabrics, or within your sustainability roadmap.