ChemicaInvest officially transfers shares in Fibrant to the Highsun Holding Group Ltd.


ChemicaInvest will today officially transfer its shares in Fibrant to the Highsun Holding Group Ltd. This is an important and memorable moment for all parties concerned. Bundling the strengths of the two companies in this way will create an international market leader in caprolactam and nylon.

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Discover Pure Chemistry

Chemistry is a complex ‘emotion’ that arises when special connections are being created and formed. Chemistry as we like to say, has a purpose. It’s not random, and it is certainly not a fluke. There’s essential information in the attraction that occurs between molecules, but also people and organizations. Information that enables us to create the purest possible product that fulfills your needs and your specific product specifications.

It sometimes appears that there is magic involved, but we can assure you that it is our knowledge, know-how, expertise and experience that enables us to create homogeneous and uniform chemical compositions. Proud of our heritage and with respect to our blue planet we produce the highest possible state-of-the-art product(s) for any industry.

About us

With an annual production capacity of over 900 kilotons, we produce 20 percent of the total global production of Caprolactam. Our aim is to expand our business even further to become the undisputed market leader of Caprolactam and its by-products.

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High-end products

Whether it is Caprolactam, Ammonium Sulfate or Cyclohexanone, we only deliver pure quality products that meet your standards. In line with requested product specifications and performance indicators. By ship, train or road tank cars we will provide you with state-of-the-art high-end products only.

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Working in a vibrant world

At Fibrant we believe that our people make the difference. Employees who passionately challenge the status quo in order to continuously improve the way we are doing things for our stakeholders. Their dedication has brought us where we are today.

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