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Our transformation towards climate neutral 2040

EcoLactam® is Fibrant’s sustainable Caprolactam with a world class carbon footprint (CFP) of 3.3 (expressed in kg CO2-eq/kg Caprolactam*) achieved by continuous process improvement. With this new and extraordinary generation of products, we reduced our CFP by over 50%. This is accomplished via significant N2O emission and energy consumption reductions and by applying our proprietary HPO® and Hydranone® technology, while keeping the excellent performance and quality at the same high level.

Together with our suppliers we will continue to reduce the (in)direct environmental impact. As of 2022 the use of green electricity is implemented in our production process, this will lead to further reduction of our carbon footprint.

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Technological improvements

Our new generation Ammonium Sulfate plant effectively uses the residual heat from our Caprolactam process. This reduces energy consumption by no less than 80%.

Having successfully implemented the reduction of our N2O emissions, the environmental impact of the production of EcoLactam® is over 50% lower than the European average and amongst one of the lowest in the world.

* Carbon footprint data of our products are the result of a calculation model certified by an independent authority and is based on primary data for scope 1 & 2 and some scope 3 emissions. Where primary data for scope 3 emissions are not available generic data from external databases are used.

Together working on a sustainable future

By introducing EcoLactam® and its ultra-low CFP we significantly contribute to lowering the CFP of the total value chain. EcoLactam®, EcoLactam® Bio and EcoLactam® Circular are part of the EcoLactam® family, our new generation low CFP Caprolactam which sets a new benchmark in ultra-low CFP products. This new product range is part of our ambition towards becoming climate neutral by 2040.

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