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Caprolactam purification and Nylon recycling

We are committed to make the entire process chain from supplier to consumer more sustainable. We are already reducing our (in)direct environmental impact, together with our suppliers. Our improved heat integration, lower emissions and process improvements all contribute to a lower environmental impact.

With our knowledge of Caprolactam production and Nylon recycling, much less fossil fuels are needed. We take our responsibility serious and enjoy working together with customers and other partners on a sustainable basis. With one goal: towards a sustainable future.


Technological improvements

Our new Ammonium Sulfate plant uses waste heat from our Caprolactam process. This reduces energy consumption by no less than 80%.

We also reduce the N­2O emissions; the emissions from our HPOplus® process is already reduced significantly and we will continue to reduce N2O emissions. The environmental impact of our Caprolactam process is currently around 20% lower than the European average (source: PlasticsEurope).  We do it for future generations and a better environment.

Process Pyrolysis Depolymerization Mechanical recycling Bio based caprolactam

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