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High-quality EcoLactam® AP grade

Due to its outstanding quality, our Caprolactam is recognized as the world’s preferred raw material for anionic polymerization. But we aspire to go even beyond that. Our focus on product quality and customer needs, led to the development of a high-end grade Caprolactam. A high-end product we call EcoLactam® AP Quality. A grade that was specifically tailored to the needs of anionic polymerization, applied by cast nylon producers. This high-quality grade is part of our EcoLactam® product family and therefore also available as a bio-based product (EcoLactam® AP Quality Bio) and a circular product (EcoLactam® AP Quality Circular).

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Low-moisture Caprolactam

Anionic polymerization of Caprolactam is inhibited by high moisture levels. Therefore, it is important to use dry raw materials. By leveraging our decades of experience, we have succeeded to lower the content of water to an absolute minimum. Low-moisture Caprolactam has improved reactivity which brings significant advantages for our customers.

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Our other high-end sustainable products

Besides EcoLactam® AP Quality, we deliver other pure quality products that meet your standards:

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