Since 2016 Fibrant produces high purity Ammonium Sulfate in Geleen, The Netherlands, in a new dedicated state-of-the-art plant based on hygienic design principles.  Combining the DSM heritage in food and pharma and our technological expertise formed the basis for design of the high-end Ammonium Sulfate for non-fertilizer use, to achieve the highest product quality and risk assurance to serve high end markets.

Having been certified for feed (GMP+ FSA) and food (FSSC22000) applications our production and logistic process are of the highest standards and fully traceable. By investing in our product quality and logistic services we do not only offer our customers a product, but a pure and reliable solution.

Our ASpure® products are available in 25 kg bags, 1000 kg big bags and bulk. We carefully select the best logistic partners. Each partner meets FSSC22000 and GMP+ FSA standards and can provide reliable and high quality service to our customers.

ASpure® brings the best solution for customers looking for the highest quality of Ammonium Sulfate:

ASpure® Premium is a versatile product with a broad range of technical and industrial applications. It is used to produce vaccines, insulin, penicillin, antibodies and enzymes.

ASpure® Food applications can be used as a stabilizer, buffering agent, bread enhancer and dough strengthener. It is also used in the manufacture of sausage casings, wine production, bread and pasta products and bakers‘ yeast fermentation.

ASpure® Feed is a crystalline solid which is safe to use as a non-organic nitrogen source for cattle and other ruminants. Other applications include enzyme production for feed and the removal of high levels of potassium in vinasse to improve its feed quality.

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