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The purest product at the highest quality

ASpure® brings the best solution for customers looking for the highest quality of Ammonium Sulfate. Having successfully completed GMP+ and FSSC22000 yearly audits, our production and logistic processes are of the highest standards and fully traceable. By investing in our product quality and logistic services we do not only offer our customers a product, but a pure and reliable solution.

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ASpure® Food

ASpure® Food contains pure and clean Ammonium Sulfate making it perfect for a wide variety food applications. It can be used as a stabilizer, buffering agent, bread enhancer and dough strengthener. It is also used in the manufacture of sausage casings, wine production, bread and pasta products and bakers‘ yeast fermentation. ASpure® Food is Kosher certified and our processes are fully compliant according to FSSC22000 requirements.

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ASpure® Feed

ASpure® Feed is a white, crystalline solid which is safe to use as a non-organic nitrogen source for cattle and other ruminants. Other applications include enzyme production for feed and the removal of high levels of potassium in vinasse to improve its feed quality.

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ASpure® Premium

ASpure® Premium is an extremely high purity product used to produce vaccines, insulin, penicillin, antibodies, enzymes, protein purification and producing other ammonium salts. Its laboratory uses include: blood serum processing, packaging of diagnostic reagents, vitamin fermentations and a chemical intermediate in certain pharmaceutical reactions. 

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ASpure® Industrial

ASpure® Industrial is a versatile product with a broad range of technical and industrial applications. It is used for water treatment, leather industry, flame retardant and alum production. ASpure® Industrial can also be used for pulp & paper and certain textiles. Not be used in food, feed or pharma applications.

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Our other high-end sustainable products

Besides ASpure®, we deliver other pure quality products that meet your standards:

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