It will not surprise you that Fibrant as a global leader in the production of Caprolactam, also is one of the largest producers of Cyclohexanone. An essential raw material which is used for to create and produce Caprolactam in its purest form.

Cyclohexanone is primarily captively consumed, either isolated or as a mixture, in the production of nylon intermediates (adipic acid and Caprolactam). Around 4% is consumed in markets other than nylon. This includes use as solvents for paints and dyes, but also pesticides and as an intermediate for pharmaceuticals, films, soaps and coatings. About 80% of the total production is based on cyclohexane raw material. What remains is based on phenol.

Fibrant applies both routes and has built an unique technology portfolio to secure a reliable and high quality raw material position for its Caprolactam units.

Our continuously investment in research, know how and new technologies, enables us to ensure a homogeneous and pure product with a constant, persistent and reliable quality. Reason that a major part of all other Cyclohexanone production sites in the world, also uses our proprietary Oxanone® and Hydranone® technology. Technology we actively license.

From a global perspective we can provide our customers anywhere at any time with the purest and finest Cyclohexanone quality available in the market:

  • Proprietary production processes to ensure industry-leading quality and consistency
  • Integrated Cyclohexanone production sites, resulting in the highest degree of reliability
  • Continuous quality assurance
  • State-of-the-art transportation options
  • Continuous improvements and investments to secure world-class plant reliability and industry-leading quality


Cyclohexanone is a hazardous, colorless liquid. Cyclohexanone is transported in containers and rail- or road tank cars of stainless steel. Drums are available via preferred partners all over the globe.