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Caprolactam with the lowest carbon footprint

As a leading global manufacturer of Caprolactam, we produce the key building block for high end grades polyamide 6 (nylon 6). Our new generation low carbon footprint (CFP) Caprolactam which sets a new benchmark in ultra-low CFP products is called EcoLactam®. This product family includes EcoLactam®, EcoLactam® Bio and EcoLactam® Circular.

Our history starts today. The production of EcoLactam® is a breakthrough which is again a starting point for more to come. With EcoLactam® we make history for future generations.


EcoLactamEcoLactam® is Fibrant’s Caprolactam with a world class carbon footprint (CFP) of only 3.3 (expressed in kg CO2-eq/kg Caprolactam*) achieved by continuous process improvement. With this new and extraordinary generation of products, we reduced our CFP by over 50%. This is accomplished via significant N2O emission and energy consumption reductions and by applying our proprietary HPO® and Hydranone® technology, while keeping the excellent performance and quality at the same high level.

This product is also available in AP Quality

EcoLactam® Bio

EcoLactam BioEcoLactam® Bio is Fibrant’s biomass balanced Caprolactam where the carbon is verifiably replaced by renewable resources, as certified by ISCC PLUS. EcoLactam® Bio is high quality Caprolactam produced using an oil-like product derived from bio-based waste streams. This bio-based precursor is for this reason not infringing the food chain. Using this bio-based feedstock in our Caprolactam production leads also to a similar product compared to the traditional fossil fuel based Caprolactam. Keeping the quality and performance at the same high level but with an ultra-low carbon footprint below 2.0 (expressed in kg CO2-eq/kg CPL*).

This product is also available in AP Quality

EcoLactam® Circular

EcoLactam CircularEcoLactam® Circular is Fibrant’s circular Caprolactam where the carbon is verifiably replaced by recycled resources, as certified by ISCC PLUS.

EcoLactam® Circular is based on post-consumer and post-industrial waste being converted back to its original based molecules via a process called pyrolysis. This true circular process results in a feedstock that is similar to the fossil fuel based product: keeping the quality and performance at the same high level and a true upcycled circular product.

This product is also available in AP Quality

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Raw material for sustainable polyamide

Where our key market for our EcoLactam® is polyamide (nylon 6), we produce Caprolactam for a wide variety of textile applications such as carpets, sport- and activewear. Moreover it is also used in injection molded car parts, electrical devices and packaging film.

Our continuous investment in research, know-how and new technologies resulted in a pure and homogeneous product with consistent and reliable quality in combination with the lowest carbon footprint compared to competitive products. Understanding the specific requirements of our customers and their applications, we can provide our valued customers anywhere at any time with the purest and finest Caprolactam qualities.


Download Product Data Sheets

For more information, please refer to the downloadable Product Data Sheets.

* Carbon footprint data of our products are the result of a calculation model certified by an independent authority and is based on primary data for scope 1 & 2 and some scope 3 emissions. Where primary data for scope 3 emissions are not available generic data from external databases are used.

Our other high-end sustainable products

Besides EcoLactam®, we deliver other pure quality products that meet your standards:

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