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Raw material for dry fertilizers

Ammonium Sulfate is a solid, crystalline salt that is mainly used as a fertilizer, providing both nitrogen and sulfur for crop production. Sulfur is one of the major macronutrients. Sulfur is essential for plant growth and nutrition, and sulfur can increase both the quality and yield in crop production resulting in improved economic benefit to farmers. Additionally sulfur can increase both the quality and protein content of forages. Adequate sulfur in crop nutrition is necessary for crops to fully utilize other important nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus.

Fibrant is “ the partner ” of global leading fertilizer blenders and distributors looking for premium quality ammonium sulfate.  With a wide product portfolio of different grades of ammonium sulfate, Fibrant has a solution for each product blend and application.

Top quality ammonium sulfate

All Fibrant Ammonium Sulfate products are:

  • unique for their hardness - keeping well during storage and handling;
  • pure crystalized products - persistent stable quality and no heavy metals;
  • ideal blending ingredient - does not interact with MBPT or other inhibitors.

Fibrant AS fertilizer portfolio: Granular 1, Granular 2, Granular 2.7, Granular 3 and Topgran (4-8)


Our other high-end sustainable products

Besides Ammonium Sulfate, we deliver other pure quality products that meet your standards:

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