About Fibrant

Our story begins in 1952, when we commissioned our first factory for the production of Caprolactam in The Netherlands. With a second facility in the US (Augusta, 1966) and a third in China (Nanjing, 2002), we became the first true global producer and supplier of high quality chemical performance products and services. In 2015, CVC Capital Partners acquired 65% of the business from DSM, which retained the remaining 35%. A unique partnership that combines the financial security of a leading global advisory firm, with a worldwide logistical network of a major chemicals powerhouse. We are fit and ready for the future.

We employ over 1.200 people on three different continents who’s mission it is to create pure and state-of-the-art chemical products that make a difference. With an annual production capacity of over 900 kilotons, we produce 20 percent of the total global production of Caprolactam. Additionally we produce 1.500 kilotons ammonium sulfate for wide variety of applications. Our aim is to expand our business even further to become (or maintain) the undisputed market leader of Caprolactam and its by-products.

Due to our heritage and as one of the worlds largest producer and supplier of high quality chemical products and services, we have become true industry experts. Which implies that we operate both safely and reliably, aspiring to bring sustainable value to all our customers and stakeholders.

We are inspired by our brand values to achieve our goals. Never losing sight of your interests as a client or stakeholder. We take ownership where necessary and create products that exceed your expectations and of course specifications. We treasure our DNA and passionately work on a better product every day. Despite the fact that we are operating from three different continents, we are operating as one team with a common global vision; Creating the best possible product while adding value to customer processes. In time, without any delay in a predictive, safe and consistent way.

As our history in 1952 started with pioneering, we today can say that we do understand the complex concept how to create pure chemistry. It is for our knowledge, knowhow, expertise and experience that we create homogeneous and uniform chemical compositions, no other can. Proud of our heritage and with respect to our blue planet, we produce the highest possible state-of-the-art products for any industry.