Fibrant, a new name for caprolactam's global leader


Effective January 18th 2016, Fibrant will become the new name for DSM Caprolactam, following the recent transfer of DSM’s global caprolactam activities into a Joint Venture with CVC Capital Partners.

As the main merchant caprolactam supplier, Fibrant is the global leader and only producer active in the 3 key consuming regions: China, USA and Europe. Using its unique HPOPLUS technology, based on Fibrant’s proprietary HPO® process, the company produces high quality caprolactam and ammonium sulfate from locations in Nanjing (China), Augusta (GA, USA) and Geleen (the Netherlands).

Executive Chairman, Mr. Sheu comments “For more than 60 years we have led the world in the development of caprolactam technology and process improvement. With our new name and visual identity, Fibrant pays homage to its heritage serving the nylon industry and the fibers market. The name reflects on our vibrant future and the chemistry between the company and its partners.” He went on to point out that the new logo emblem contains an abstract version of the unique HPO reactor system in the logo emblem “Under the new name Fibrant, we have more than 1,200 employees in 3 key regions fully committed to continue serving the caprolactam and ammonium sulfate markets going forward.”

Fibrant will be headed by CEO Pol Deturck, whose stated ambition for the company is to be undisputed market leader. “We build on a strong heritage of more than 60 years, with a proven track record as a responsible and reliable producer of high quality products and services. It is my vision that Fibrant will act as a market leader in shaping the industry dynamics in the coming years, serving customers directly in their home markets, through our unique global network.“

About Fibrant

Fibrant is a global producer and supplier of high quality products and services. With its headquarters in Sittard (the Netherlands), it aims to be the undisputed market leader in caprolactam and its by-products. Employing over 1,200 people across 3 different continents, it owns production facilities in Europe, China and the United States.

Managed by industry experts, it operates both safely and reliably, aspiring to bring sustainable value to customers and stakeholders. In addition, a major part of all caprolactam produced globally, is madeusing licensed proprietary HPO® technology. A technology that is owned by Fibrant and is a patented caprolactam synthesis process.

Fibrant has a total caprolactam production capacity of more than 900,000 metric tons p.a. and over 1,500,000 metric tons of ammonium sulfate. Sales in 2014 stood at 1,700 million EUR. Established in 1952, Fibrant joined ChemicaInvest in July 2015 as an offshoot of DSM. Fibrant formerly was fully owned by DSM and known as DSM Caprolactam.

About ChemicaInvest

ChemicaInvest, is a joint venture between CVC Capital Partners and Royal DSM. A partnership that was finalized in July 2015 for DSM’s activities in Polymer Intermediates and Composite Resins.

ChemicaInvest is for 65% owned by CVC Capital Partners and 35% by Royal DSM. It operates as an independent company with three different business units: Fibrant (caprolactam), AnQore (acrylonitrile) and Aliancys (composite resins). In 2014, ChemicaInvest’s activities comprised 1,950 employees, pro-forma third party sales of 2.1 billion EUR and EBITDA of 106 million EUR.