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Leading in sustainability and cost competitiveness

Fibrant as part of Highsun is the world leader in Caprolactam with production locations in Geleen (the Netherlands), Nanjing and Fuzhou (China). 25% of Caprolactam production worldwide runs on Fibrant HPOplus® technology. Fibrant’s patented HPOplus® process technology produces excellent quality Caprolactam and Ammonium Sulfate. Both our Hydranone® & HPOplus®technology contribute to a sustainable Caprolactam business combined with competitive investment and production costs. The technologies excel in low energy and (cooling) water consumption which settles the process as being the lowest in Carbon Footprint next to reducing the Utility investments.

Due to our long-term and global experience since 1952 we were able to create safe and reliable processes. We strive to be a consistent technology and knowledge partner in order to optimize production processes and create pure chemistry together.


Hydranone® licenses

Our Hydranone® technology produces high quality Cyclohexanone through Phenol hydrogenation. The Hydranone® technology is currently the most sustainable Cyclohexanone technology combining a very efficient raw material usage with low energy, low (cooling) water usage and low waste. Integrated with phenol production leads to lowest cost process.

Recent licenses:

  • July 2017: 200 kta Hydranone® licensed to Shen Yuan
  • October 2018: 200 kta Hydranone® licensed to Shen Yuan

Fibrant Technology

HPOplus® licenses

Our HPOplus® technology produces high quality products that can be used for high end applications (High Speed Spinning). Energy and water usage is significantly lower than for other Caprolactam processes. Moreover, HPOplus® can be combined with technology to produce large Ammonium Sulfate crystals with excellent strength.

Recent licenses:

  • November 2013: 200 kta Caprolactam plant in Nanjing
  • August 2017: 2 lines of 200 kta Caprolactam licensed to Shenyuan (SCC)

Oxanone® licenses

Fibrant’s Oxanone® technology uses the un-catalyst cyclohexane air oxidation process with relative high yield and lower energy consumption, resulting in the right quality Cyclohexanone.

Recent licenses:

  • September 2016: Cyclohexanone license to KuibybshevAzot (in Top-20 energy-efficient companies) 
  • November 2014: optimization to state of the art Oxidation plant at Univex, Mexico

Source picture:

Ammonium Sulfate licenses

Fibrant’s Ammonium Sulfate (AS) technology produces various grades of high purity (larger) crystal AS. If combined with the HPOplus® the energy consumption is reduced to almost zero.

Recent licenses:

  • November 2013: Nanjing
  • August 2017: Shen Yuan 
  • July 2015: Geleen 

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