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What is LCA and why all brands should know about it

Understanding LCA is a crucial part of the sustainability claim for brands and manufacturers. Engineers at Fibrant explain how choosing EcoLactam® at the start of the manufacturing process can result in a lower carbon footprint of your nylon product.

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New initiative to manufacture low-impact nylon

Radici Group, a global producer of polyamide performance fibers, will join our drive to create an industrial-scale nylon solution with the smallest environmental impact.

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Bugaboo, DSM Engineering Materials, Fibrant and Neste partner to enable industry-first stroller portfolio made with bio-based materials

We are in good company with Bugaboo, Neste and DSM Engineering Materials in this great cross-value-chain collaboration. With the use of EcoLactam® Bio in the development of bio-based polyamide 6, we are supporting a mass-balancing approach and enabling an additional carbon footprint reduction.

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EcoLactam® made with 100% renewable energy

Energy crisis-related market conditions are extremely difficult, but they also serve as a reminder of how important it is to uphold our promise. Since the beginning of the year, we have moved to 100% renewable energy for the manufacturing of EcoLactam®, our low carbon footprint caprolactam, in a commitment to minimalize our environmental impact.


Highsun Group and AKRO-PLASTIC form a Joint Venture

Fibrant is happy to share that HSCC (Highsun) and AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH celebrated a successful closing of their JV for Engineering Materials in China. This JV combines complementary strengths of both companies.

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