AP Caprolactam

The outstanding quality of our Caprolactam is recognized as the worlds most preferred raw material for traditional polymerization. But for us that was not enough. Our focus on product quality and customer needs, led to the development of a new high-grade Caprolactam standard. A high-end product we call AP Caprolactam. A grade that specifically was tailored to the needs of anionic polymerization, applied by cast nylon producers.

Since the anionic polymerization of Caprolactam can be severely damaged by high moisture levels, it is key to use moisture-free raw materials and to eliminate the influence of moisture in general. We succeeded over the years to lower the content of water to an absolute minimum, while improving the reactivity with significant advantages for our clients.

Besides anionic polymerization, our AP Caprolactam is also used for:

  • Blocking agent for isocyanates
  • Cross linking agent for Urethane-polyester coatings
  • Impact modifier for melamine coated chipboards
  • Commoner for co-polyamides (e.g. PA6/6.6)
  • Raw material in the production of certain API’s


Liquid AP Caprolactam is produced at all our production locations and is transported by us at temperatures of 80-90 degrees Celsius under a protective N2 blanket in thermally insulated heated containers and rail- or road tank cars. We however also can flake AP Caprolactam to serve our customers in overseas markets.

Our AP Caprolactam flakes are packed under strict conditions in aluminum inner-lined polyethylene bags of 25 kg (1,25 mt pallet). This premium packaging prevents any moisture pick-up and therefore agglomeration. Generally we use 40 foot containers (maximum load 20 mt).