As a leading global manufacturer of Caprolactam, we produce the raw material for high end grades polyamide 6 (nylon 6). The combined annual production capacity of our plants in China, Europe and the US is over 900 kilotons. This makes us not only the largest, but also the most reliable producer of Caprolactam in the world. As Fibrant we are responsible for almost 20 percent of the global production of Caprolactam and AP Caprolactam.

Our continuously investment in research, know how and new technologies, enables us to ensure a homogeneous and pure product with a consistentand reliable quality. Reason that a major part of all other Caprolactam production facilities in the world, also uses our proprietary HPO® technology. Technology we actively license.

Since we serve a diverse and wide variety of clients who focus on different end-markets, we know how important it is to fulfill their needs. Where the key-outlet is polyamide 6, we produce Caprolactam for different applications covering end-markets from carpets and textiles to cars and domestic electrical devices or packaging film.

From a global perspective we can provide our customers anywhere at any time with the purest and finest Caprolactam qualities:

  • Proprietary production processes to ensure industry-leading quality and consistency
  • Continuous strict quality assurance to guarantee the best quality available
  • State-of-the-art transportation options
  • Continuous improvements and investments to secure world-class plant reliability and industry-leading quality


Above 69 degrees Celsius, Caprolactam is a clear, colorless transparent liquid. As it leaves our reactors Caprolactam turned into a fluid liquid, that we ship by train or truck to our customers. Caprolactam in liquid form, is transported by us at temperatures of 80-90 degrees Celsius under a protective N2 blanket in thermally insulated heated containers and rail- or road tank cars. We however also can flake Caprolactam to serve our customers in overseas markets.

Our Caprolactam flakes are packed in water impermeable polyethylene bags of 25 kilograms (1 mt on a pallet). Generally we use 40 foot containers (maximum load 26 mt).